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Contributors to the Herbarium

The Hull University herbarium was established by Professor Ronald Good, shortly after his appointment in 1928 as head of the Botany Department in the newly established University College. He built up the collection over the next three decades with his own material, donations and purchases. In 1995 the University herbarium was moved to the Geography Department where it was stored with Dr John Flenley's extensive collections of South-east Asian plants. Unfortunately, by this time most of the documentation associated with the herbarium had been lost and the extent of the collection and its origins had been forgotten.

The British material actually consists of two herbaria that were brought together somewhere around 1985, more than 25 years after Prof. Good's retirement. In addition to Good's herbarium (HLU) there is a body of around 1000 specimens that was never interleaved with the larger collection. Although labelled the 'Wilson Collection' it seems certain that this is the herbarium of the Hull Technical College (HLL) although how and why it arrived here is still unclear.

Over 300 individuals have made some contribution to the herbarium, some represented by a single specimen and others by several thousands. Some collectors, like Druce, Ley and Baker are well known, others were students at the University or local naturalists and a few are still unknown. I would be pleased to hear from anyone with additional information which might shed further light on this interesting and little known collection.

The following pages outline some of what is known about the collection.

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