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The Hull University Herbarium houses collections of dried plant material from Britain and overseas. It is supported and maintained by the Geography Department.

An on-line index of the British plant material is now available, click the "Search" button for further details.

The Small British Herbaria project

The Hull University Herbarium, in conjunction with the BSBI, has launched a project to provide web access to the catalogues of other collections of preserved British plant material. To search these catalogues click on the SBHP button on the left.

Further work has now been done on the online catalogue and we are pleased to announce that almost a thousand new entries have been made. Until recently many of John Fraser's Willows had remained un-catalogued and un-mounted, still wrapped in 1870s vintage sheets of "The Times".

link to BIOME This website has been approved as a "quality evaluated Internet resource" by Natural Selection. Natural Selection is part of BIOME, an integrated collection of Internet gateways covering the health and life in the natural world, coordinated by The Natural History Museum, London
link to the plants of Hull The Millennium Flora of Hull was produced in 2001 by the Hull Natural History Society and presents data and distribution maps for over 600 taxa within the city

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