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Details from the labels of all of our British plant material have now been entered into a computer database. Plant names have been standardised on those used by Stace (1997) and Clement & Foster (1994).

The collection comprises Kent's HLU (17000 specimens) and HLL (1000 specimens). John Fraser's moss collection is also catalogued. The Herbaria of Pam Gardam and Eric Chicken are now also available for on-line searching.

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Limitations - The WWW catalogue has been produced from the labels on the specimens. In many cases the handwriting was execrable so there will still be some transcription errors. I would be grateful for notification of any mistakes and will attempt to correct the database as soon as possible. Assignment of vice county will not always be correct, again I would be pleased to hear of any errors.

*** I will be happy to provide further details of any specimen and would strongly recommend checking before any information is added to your own databases or committed to print.

Warning! if searching by vice-county or collector, the number of results returned may be high (v.c. 61 will return more than 5000 items. The resulting page may be very slow to download and may tax the capacity of your browser.

I have tried to implement an "intelligent" search through the herbarium database. The search routine will examine a plant name and try to match it with the name of one of the plants described in Kent's list. It should be tolerant of minor spelling mistakes, particularly in the endings, and will display all entries for the genus if the specific name is not recognised or given. All sub-species will be returned.

Examples of valid search strings

Alliaria petiolata
allia pet

All of the above will return the same result.
If you encounter any problems with the database or would like more information, please contact Richard Middleton (

Many thanks to Alan Drummond, Mark Anderson and Marion Brazier and Jim Middleton for their work on this database. Grant aid towards this project has been received from the Frerens Trust, University of Hull and the BSBI.
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